Google+ logo - The service is shutting down April 2019

The End of Google+

‘Why Google Is Finally Putting Google+ Out of Its Misery?’ | The above title from hits the mark. If you haven’t noticed, Google+ was a ghost town – Another quote from that is also right on! Originally meant to keep Google in the Social space online, it just wasn’t to well received […]

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Want to Quickly Preview All Your Installed Fonts?

If you are like me, I have over 400 different fonts installed on my computer. So, graphically designing images using fonts can be quite a chore sifting through the many fonts available to use. Here is a great way to quickly preview all your installed fonts There are few font preview programs out there that […]

Facebook Is collecting lots of data

Why Facebook Just Turned Your Subscribers Into ‘Followers’

It’s been more than a year since Facebook introduced the Twitter-like “subscribers” feature, letting you follow public updates from people you aren’t friends with. Well, a year is a long time to go without changing any feature at the rapidly iterating social network — which announced Wednesday that it would be changing the name of […]