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20 Examples of White Space Use in Web Design

courtesy of Instant Shift Let’s say you’re in a library. It wouldn’t be nice at all if you couldn’t move around because of the overcrowded shelves and halls, while the librarian was continuously prompting you with the latest books that arrived. It’s the same with white space used in web design: it gives room to […]

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Want to Quickly Preview All Your Installed Fonts?

If you are like me, I have over 400 different fonts installed on my computer. So, graphically designing images using fonts can be quite a chore sifting through the many fonts available to use. Here is a great way to quickly preview all your installed fonts There are few font preview programs out there that […]

Pictaculous – A Color Palette Generator courtesy of MailChimp

Ever wanted to determine a color palette to go with a picture, logo or other artwork to assist you in designing a color scheme for brochures or website? this is the perfect tool – Pictaculous (from MailChimp). Pictaculous also queries popular results from Kuler and COLOURlovers with hyperlinks to these recommended palettes for additional reference. […]