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Let’s say you’re in a library. It wouldn’t be nice at all if you couldn’t move around because of the overcrowded shelves and halls, while the librarian was continuously prompting you with the latest books that arrived. It’s the same with white space used in web design: it gives room to breathe to many website elements.

White space is extremely important in web design for usability and readability and it emphasizes particular elements. Imagine how it would be if there were many words stuck together. User experience would definitely be very unpleasant and it would take a lot of effort to understand the messages on a website.

White space is also known as “negative space” and refers to the empty space around and between several elements of a design or page layout. It’s also known as “breathing room”. And it doesn’t have to be white. Actually, any color would fit as long as it creates a clean and nice design. Even if negative space doesn’t contain anything, it can define and enhance the positive space.

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