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The End of Google+

‘Why Google Is Finally Putting Google+ Out of Its Misery?’ | The above title from hits the mark. If you haven’t noticed, Google+ was a ghost town – Another quote from that is also right on! Originally meant to keep Google in the Social space online, it just wasn’t to well received […]

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End of Google Authorship – Forbes

By now you’ve probably heard the news. Google has ended its Authorship program. For those of us who have been paying close attention to Google Authorship over the last year or so, this shouldn’t have come out of nowhere. During Pubcon 2013, Google’s Distinguished Engineer Matt Cutts delivered a keynote speech where he claimed that […]

6 Alternatives to Google Calendar Sync

As of this August 1st, 2014, the Google Calendar Sync app will not sync your Outlook Calendar items with your Google Calendar So what are my alternatives? Google has me a little discouraged with their simple “We will no longer support” attitude. Just when you find a program or app that works for a particular […]

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Google Calendar Sync is being discontinued on Aug 1st 2014

As of this date, this app will not sync your Outlook Calendar items with your Google Calendar So, what are my options to sync my android (or apple) smartphone calendar to my Outlook calendar on my desktop (laptop) It was announced in the beginning of 2013 that Google would no longer be supporting Google Calendar […]