Last week, the CEO of Twitter announced that a new feature will allow brands to upload a header photo to the profile page. When investigating I found that there is another new feature that allows your background image to be aligned as “left, center or right”. We will discuss the new header. For more information on the background image go to “Twitter Background

Although the twitter header is a cool new feature, it’s layout and lack of control of profile image and description placement, leaves a lot to be desired and makes designing a header difficult to get your brand header clean. Recommended dimension for the new header is 1200×600 with a whopping 5MB limit. OK, I can handle that. What is frustrating is that twitter feels the need to take up most of the real estate by centering the profile image and profile description over the header image, leaving little room to allow for branding. Designers will need to be creative.

twitter customizationAnother frustrating twitter add on to the new header is a forced grey-scale gradient from top to bottom over the header image. Yes, that’s right, want a clean white background? Forget it.  The background below shows what happens on a simple white background. Notice the grey-scale overlay (No I did not keep the image. Will design later. Easy option to remove) and the forced placement of the profile image and bio discussed above.

tc green media twitter customization

Check out more about this new feature right on Twitter – Learn more about Twitter’ new header


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