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TC Green Media’s Web Design Solutions are creative and second to none. ASP.Net solutions that can integrate WordPress blogs while keeping your site secure and allow select editing of certain components. But don’t stop here. Take advantage of your webspace to to create If you would like to learn more, please call or Contact TC Green Media.

Website Design & DevelopmentThumbnail Website Development Example

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Upgrade your site to take advantage
    • of current SEO compliance
    • to take advantage newer widescreen monitors and laptops
  • Content management Systems, WordPress and ASP.Net formats
  • Get a Smart Website for mobile visitors

TC Green Media | Internet Marketing Services

Mobile Ready Solutions

  • Smart logic Redirect for existing websites
  • Responsive Web Design (RWD) for new development
    • Current solution used by developers
    • Viewing size automatically adjusts to the screen size of the viewing device
    • Desktop, Laptop, Table (iPad) or Smartphone (Android, Apple or Windows 7)

Landing, Squeeze & Capture Pages

  • Never push PPC or SM campaigns to you home page
  • Improve conversion on PPC and Social Media Campaigns
  • Create effective “Calls to Action”
  • Most landing pages are constantly tweaked to get optimum conversion

Custom Social Pages

Customized Fan Pages

  • Take advantage of Facebook marketing with Custom Fan Pages. From Graph API to Facebook
    Insight. Stay connected with followers
  • Facebook custom pages may
    • More decriptively describe your product or service
    • Be utilized to encourage visitors to like your page
    • Create “Reveal” pages where fans can see special content

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