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Improve your Conversion Rate!

tc green media’s Landing Page developemnt strategies provide small and medium sized businesses an opportunity to utilize social media and/or PPC advertizing to direct potential customers to specific sites called “Landing Pages” or “Squeeze Pages”. These pages are extremely specific to the message/update/tweet that brought your visitor there and have a strong “Call to Action”. The key to properly generated landing pages is a simple call to action such as: “Buy Now”, “Learn More”, “Sign Up”, “Get your Free White paper”, and on and on. 3 navigation options at most for your visitors.

TCGM | Landing Page | A Bad Example

Example of a “Poor” landing page

Page is way to busy with too much information and available links for visitors to click on

          TCGM | Landing Page | A Good Example

Example of a “Good” landing page

Page is short, sweet and to the point. Two options: 1) Take action or 2) Close the browser

Landing pages are constantly tweaked to optimize message and conversion rates. We have the expertize to help you develop, host and tweak landing pages that drive PPC and social media marketing campaigns conversion rates and ultimately, business to your door.

We employ keyword optimization and SEO compliance techniques that assist in organic search optimization, providing extra value to your use of landing pages. Use your own campaigns or better yet tie this in with a TC internet marketing campaign to drive traffic to your site.

Feel free to contact TC Green Media for an initial no cost consultation on your web requirements. The times they are a changing! Catch the wave and don’t be left behind.

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