Custom Social Page Solutions

From custom Facebook iFrame apps to setting up custom graphics for social backgrounds in Twitter and YouTube, TC Green Media can supply the technology and know-how to effectively take advantage of the space that social platforms offer.

Visually impact your audience to keep them comming back. If you would like to learn more and for a free consultation on social platform space, give us a call or simply Contact TC Green Media.

Get Visual – Get Social – Get Engagement

TCGM | Custom Facebook Fan Pages

  • Engage, Engage, Engage, Engage, Engage, Engage, Engage
  • Custom Facebook Fan pages and apps can keep your audience engaged with your page.
    • Graph API
    • iFramce apps
    • “Reveal Pages (Fans see different content than non fans)
    • Contests, Questions and other interactive content
  • Custom background graphics for Twitter & YouTube – Take advantage of the real estate:
    • Utilize company logos and graphic themes
    • List produsts, services, locations and contact information