Digital Information Solutions for Business

TC Green Media’s Digital Signage Corporate Solutions are informational systems used within corporate offices, office buildings and hotel or restaurant lobbies. For the corporate world, they can provide information about the you company, provide video mission statements and tell your story to visitors waiting in your lobby. Corporate office building can use them to provide directions for visitors. Restaurants can use them to promote specials and menus. Hotel lobbies can provide visitors an information solution about the hotel and nearby attractions, shops and restaurants. The solutions is limitless. If you would like to learn more about Corporate and Business Digital Signage Solutions give us a call or simply Contact TC Green Media.

Provide information to visitors – Tell your story

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Informational and Interactive Solutions for Businesses

  • Display or Interactive “Touch Screen” solutions
  • Multiple applications – Solutions as unlimited
  • Great for Corporate America
    • Business Lobbies
    • Inter-office use
      • Internal communication networks
    • Office building lobbies
  • Great for Restaurants
    • Restaurant Menu boards and specials
  • Better for Hotel Lobbies
    • Informational displays – Happening today, etc
    • Interactive Information for guests
      • Nearby Attractions
      • Local shopping
      • Local restaurants