Digital Signage Solutions

TC Green Media’s Digital Signage Solutions provide digital marketing solutions in a variety of applications from Digital Advertising, known as “DOOH” or “Digital out of Home”, to Point of Purchase (POS) systems, to corporate solutions such as informational boards and menus. Build “top of mind” awareness through branded messages. Utilize highly effective flash video messages, created by TC Green Media or other sources, that are eye-catching and improve viewership, “eyes on screen” and ROI. If you see what you like Contact TC Green Media for a free consultation.

Digital Signage Advertising

  • Signs placed inside high traffic areas
  • Gain local exposure – Build brand awareness
  • Combine with Mobile marketing
  • Create a “call to action”
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TC Green Media | Digital Signage Advertising Network

Corporate Solutions

  • Informative or Interative Displays
  • Display Company Mission Statement
  • Inform workforce or Visitors
  • Place inside of Lobbies, Conference and Lunch rooms

TC Green Media | Digital Signage Solutions

POS Systems

  • Promote message at the “point of sale”
  • Create and show informational videos about products
  • Recruit suppliers to use (revenue source)
  • Create a “call to action”

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